Bass Guitar Class with Solbasstrend.

In a bid to impact and raise awareness for the art of bass guitar playing in our community. We make available an annual bass guitar quality training. We created the platform to help teach new generation of musicians for fulfilling their dreams. We are a company with many sections and subsidiaries for more on what we do musically check out Solbasstrend Media Company Website
There and then, we provide instructional resources and educational structures that will aidfor successful learning of contemporary art of the bass guitar we set up an annual one to one maximum learning programme for the bass that operates for just a quarter of a year and closes till the next year.
Though we are always available for special requests and events during the year.
We are also into music promotions, Music Instruments Hiring and Purchase. Stage lighting and more.
I will be glad to receive you for this year’s maximum benefit from the power lessons with Solbasstrend.
Thanks and God bless.