Reprise to Hallelujah si Baba by Solbasstrend Media

HELLO, We observed some of the lyrics to the verse section of the song we’re wrong doctrinally, and it’s not generally acceptable. For instance, saying God stands on the throne while the scriptures established ‘He sits on the throne’ will sound wrong to many worshippers out there. We do this in order to give the people a chance to worship in spirit and in truth, with simplicity and clearer knowledge and message, rather than taking moment contemplating on the connotative meanings of the song. We are called to help people connect with God, praising him without barriers or obstacles. This is our reason for reaching out to you that our songs especially pieces of music from ‘Worshiptude Network Platforms’ immediately connect people to their maker. A tool for worship it is indeed. The newly interpretation reads : “I lift my hands (in total surrender) To sing alleluia to my Father. Chorus:Thanksgiving, Praise and all the Glory to you Lord. A song of Adoration to God 🙌🏼.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: A Reprise to Hallelujah si Baba by Solbasstrend Media Worshiptude Concert song

Or Download here

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