Play ▶ and Download E Tobi Song by ‘Bunmi Adewoye (Solbasstrend)

E Tobi song is a song expressing the greatness and faithfulness of God towards us In every way and in all circumstances we must give God our very best thanks. There were many hurdles and fears. We found safety and shield in His Holy Name. And to emphasize that we overcame by the blood of the Precious Lamb of God and by the words of our testimonies.

We rejoice in the God of our salvation for His Great Grace we enjoy daily. This song was first written and published in the year 2016 in preparation for the annual Worshiptude Concerts and it was embraced by God’s children in different countries of the world and had been used in various places of worship. We desire to republish it as a means of helping our friends having non stop access to some of our worship contents. We have confidence in God that there is more blessings waiting for you as listen and download this piece of music. It was taken out of the former hosting site. But thanks to God for the privilege given to us to host our God’s giftings here. We are ever grateful.

This is another amazing medium for you to showy our gratitude. E Tobi is written in Yoruba language and has code mixing of both English and Yoruba. E Tobi song will allow your adoration to find expression. Just the best song for this time and season.

E Tobi song was written by Olubunmi Solomon Adewoye, featured Babatola Omole (Hardson) and Late Esther Oladeji of blessed memory. This single track was produced, mixed and mastered T-Fash (Bro Tolu Fasanya)

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