Solbasstrend’s Media will host and promote 50 songs for free this festive season.

How to benefit:

  1. Write πŸ“ brief description of the songs, πŸ“Ž attach beautiful Album Arts to your audio files πŸ“‚
  2. Artistes and Producer’s details in 3 to 4 sentences max.
  3. MUSIC Not more than 6 minutes
  4. Get your quality audio files and album art across πŸ“‚ via
  5. Get the best promotion free of charges.
  6. We admit on this site only good music with godly messages.
  7. Visit our site
  8. Free hosting songs can be removed from the sites as at when needed without notification πŸ””.

πŸŽ™ Call πŸ€™ +2347053915252 for enquiries.

Share with friends who may benefit from this great opportunity.

Song Promotion Subscription Form

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