Register Now for Music Lessons (Organised by Solbasstrend Music Agency)

We at Worshiptude all over the globe desire that we impact new and upcoming church musicians with necessary information, musical training, equipping with quality methods and support that will help them discover their unique strengths and become functional on their various platforms and in ministry. Take advantage of this opportunity. Fill the form and put Worshiptude in front of your name 🙏. This will close third week in April.

N. BBelow are the details for the students who desire further structured studies with Solbasstrend Music Agency RC3028726.

Learning music skill is very useful for leisure, special events and activities, career development, and sacred or religious purposes.

We bring to you the best training facilities that will aid fast learning and all the support that you will need to gain valuable experience for productive engagement with music. We offer Rockschool School of Music Syllabuses. This can aid you to access opportunity to train for music at a Conservatory of Music in the UK. You will learn basic skills of working with live bands and studio recording skills. All are affordable.

I have discovered the new tremendous route to get you started and activated on bass playing. You don’t want to miss this singular opportunity!!!

Make payment for your bass guitar class and monthly Subscriptions here:

Bass Lessons

Bass Guitar Class with Solbasstrend

10.00 $

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