Solbasstrend Media Company

This is a media company registered with the ability to carry out digital marketing, digital media advertising, public relations and entertainment services in the national boundaries.

We are obliged to provide excellent music promotions for upcoming and established artistes. We are here to boost your reach and follow up on your progress. Let the music play ▶.

Do you Need Promotions?

  • We give members a chance to publish at affordable prices and new artistes platform for promoting their artwork. We are a media agency with much enthusiasm for the work we do. You should always visit our blogs for daily information about music industry within the nation and across the globe.
  • This is a valued website with many of us followers all over the world and they find our sites very useful and informative.

I am a lover of music and I have an avid passion for Musicianship. I play the bass guitar, drums and the keyboard. I have written and published songs that are aired online and on the radio at the grassroots. I have been privileged to work with diverse professional groups and churches within and outside the shores of my country. I pioneered the annual gospel music platform for Christian young talent, Worshiptude Network.

  • The idea of songs promotion came as a result of my specialisation in music productions at the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife.
  • We care about you and your music having fast and farther reach. We take responsibility to ensure that this happen successfully at a ridiculous fee.
  • We do music consultation and evaluation of artistes before taking in songs?
  • We are sure to stay here and in touch with you all.

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